2019 April 17

Why Design Contests Are Bad For Everybody?

No One Wins. Everybody Loses

It's extremely unlikely for a business to get a quality product from a design contest that will be at least somewhat future proof. Design has to be well thought out and design contests don't really emphasize that.

And for the designers, even if you win it ultimately skews your perception of what you got payed for. You may have got lucky and won the contest because somebody liked your design, but that is not what a designers job is. Designers job is to help the business from inside-out, NOT to be likeable.

Order 20 Pizzas Pay For One You Liked

Imagine going to a pizza place, ordering 20 different pizzas and paying only for the one that you liked. That would never happen, right?

Well, it does happen in our industry...

You don't go to 10 different mechanics to get your car inspected and pay only the one who you think did the best job. You don't get your hair cut at 10 different barbers and pay only one.

No other industry does this because it doesn't make sense.

In Conclusion

If you're starting out as a designer it may be tough finding decent work from the get-go. Everybody has been there. The thing is that you will literally learn absolute ZERO from design contests.

As a young designer try looking for internship at a decent company. Work on your portfolio, 'git good' and eventually you will be able to find your own clients.

As a starting business, you may have a modest budget. What is most important - Be honest about it.

You will not be able to hire top notch designers with a low budget. But also keep in mind that there are young, starting designers who are actually good and will agree to work on a lower budget.

It's way better to hire one person to do the job who will listen to you and focus on the particular problem than get a hundred random designs that don't solve anything.

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