2019 April 19

What Is A Brand?

I'm sure everyone has heard of the word Brand, but what does it mean exactly?
Is it... A logo? A product? Is it brand new jeans...?

The Traditional Understanding Of A Brand

In our society the word brand comes up when someone is talking about a certain product.

Joe asks: "What brand are your shoes bro? They look damn sick!"
Mike replies: "It's Nike baby!"

Mike states his answer with confidence because he knows Nike is a well respected brand. But what makes Nike a brand? Is it the logo? Is it the product? Is it the design...?

It's all of the above but not only, and not really... What the word brand ultimately means is the overall perception. Pretty much everything can be a brand - Products, Food, Music, Actors, Models, your favorite Youtubers etc. As long as they are distinctive as their own brand.

Brand Is Not Only The Visual Side

Branding can apply to all 5 senses and even more. It can be Visual, Auditory, Gustatory (Taste), Olfactory (Smell), Somatic (Feel) and Psychological.

Let's look at a few examples of timeless Multisensory Branding...

Pringles brand communicates though every sense and in 2019 it's still one of the most popular snacks in the World. Everybody knows the sound of a crunching Pringle.

The legendary Sony Playstation intro from 1994. Here visuals and sound perfectly play out together, assuring that you're gonna have a great time...

Can you beat this? This has to be the king of Multisensory Branding. Cocacola does it right in every way for a whole century now. It has it's own looks, sound, taste, smell and character...

So branding is literally everything. It's the gut feeling about the product, service, organization etc. It's not how you describe it, it's how you know it.

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