2019 April 16

3 Harmful Misconceptions About Logo's

1. Logo Has To Say A Lot About The Company

No, it doesn't.

There are loads of things you can do to promote and communicate your company, service, movement etc. You should not overcumber your logo by putting too much information in it.

Logo is not communication, logo is identification.

2. Logo Has To Be Love At First Sight

Before rushing into conclusions, take your time to look deeper into the presentation, see how the logo works with typeface, different colors and backgrounds, different context etc.

Logo should never do the job on it's own. A good logo is always accompanied by something, may it be imprinted on the back of a beautifully designed product or sitting gracefully at the bottom of a poster accompanied by beautiful typography.

One thing to keep in mind is that the logo's job is to help the big picture look and feel distinctive.

3. Logo Has To Be Unique

I remember a saying from somewhere which goes like this - "If you're unique it doesn't mean you're useful".

A modern logo has to be simple for it to be used effectively in various sizes. Also, it has to be distinctive enough to stand out. So this is probably the most difficult part of the logo designer job - to find the balance between simple and distinctive.

So in conclusion... Don't rush into conclusions too soon! Either you're a designer or a client, take it easy, take your time and be smart while choosing the right logo.

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